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Super Strong 7 Mil Clear Security Film (30" Wide in 10, 15 or 25 Foot Rolls)

Security film 7 mil
Item #:ELE-S700-30
Price Each$59.95
Sale price:$44.50
You Save:26%

IDEAL for small business and commercial uses. Element's 7 mil security films provide peace of mind and enhanced protection against intruders or storm damage. Clear design allows full visibility while 7 mil thickness bonds with the glass surface to minimize the chance of break-ins or flying glass from storm debris. This special film bonds with the glass to provide enhanced protection. Element Brand security film is ideal for protecting entrance doors and visible glass areas. Includes complete instructions, cutting tool and squeegee for installation. Features include:

-- Helps Prevent Break-ins by Deterring or Slowing Entry

-- Adds Impact Resistance to Glass Surfaces

-- Hold Glass Together in Case of Storm/Wind Damage

-- Provides up to 99% UV Protection to Resist Fading/Sun damage

-- Homeowner strong 4 Mil Protection

NOTE: 7 mil film is typically used by professional installers in commercial environments. While it offers added strength for the homeowner,it is more difficult to install and trim due to the film thickness.

ALSO available in 4 mil strength for most home applications.

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