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Installation is easy. You can do this!

Element's films are super easy to install. Our Static Cling films do not rely on an adhesive to stick to the glass surface; you can easily move, reposition, re-install or take the film down once its time to re-decorate. Its easier to hang than wall paper! Our glue-based films follow the same process, adding a bit more of the wetting solution that allows the film to be positioned easily on the glass. Glue-based films form a more permanent bond on the glass, and must be scraped off when it's time for removal. Clear, easy to follow instructions are included for both types of film.

Tools needed: Sharp cutting tool and squeegee (included free with each order), tape measure, ruler or other straight edge, scissors, spray bottle, and paper towels. If you have a large number of windows or large surface to cover, consider our Pro Install Kit in the Accessories section, which contains the same tools the pros use for installation, plus a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Install your window film following the simple instructions below.

Get Ready

1. Clean the glass area where the film will be applied. Remove all dirt, grease, etc. from the surface. Use a single edge razor blade if needed to remove any paint or surface blemishes to produce a flat, clean surface. The blade should move across the glass without squeaking.

Hint: Squeegee the cleaned surface. Dont wipe it with a cloth as this could leave unwanted materials on the cleaned surface.

2. Measure the length and width of the glass area to be covered. Allow to inch overlap at all of the edges, then trim the film with scissors or the cutting knife.

3. Mix your wetting solution in a spray bottle by adding a few drops of a very mild detergent (baby shampoo or Joy to a spray water bottle. Dont use liquid hand soap, as it will not form a proper solution.

4. Lay the trimmed film on a clean, flat surface with the protective liner up. Remove the liner and spray a generous amount of the wetting solution to the exposed film.

Hint: If you have trouble removing the liner, place a piece of tape on opposite sides of the film at the corners and pull gently. This should help start removing the film.


5. Place the wet film against the glass and position it as desired. Wet the front of the film to assist in using the squeegee in removing excess water. Work from the center outward with the squeegee to remove all air bubbles and water from beneath the film.

6. Use the provided razor knife to trim the excess film from the edges. Use the squeeze edge or a ruler as a guide and cut in a continuous one-way motion.

7. Use paper towels to remove excess water and solution around the edges.


8. Films may be cleaned with mild window cleaner. Windex, Glass Plus, etc are fine. We do not recommend the use of any abrasive cleaners as they may damage and reduce the useful life of the film.

That's it! Now enjoy the look of your new decorative film.

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