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Choosing the right film is, well easy.

With so many Element Window Film designs to choose from, the choice may seem a bit overwhelming at first. All of our decorative films use the latest Static Cling technology, making them super easy to install at home or in the office. Here are some questions to ask as you make your decision.

What is the purpose for the film?

Are you seeking privacy for an outside facing window in a bathroom or bedroom? All of our decorative films diffuse light to some extent and will provide a measure of privacy as well as decoration. Darker colors, floral patterns,and frosts provide enhanced light blocking capabilities. Our product descriptions provide assistance in making your selection. If privacy is the main concern, see our recommendations in the Shop-by-Privacy Films section on the home page.

If your primary concern is decorative, your task is much easier. Simply match the pattern to your dιcor and intended use. Our clear and frosted/cut glass designs are ideal for interior applications on china cabinet window, hutches, or home entertainment centers. Or choose a matching cut glass design for outside door panels and arches. The choice is yours.

Do I need a horizontal or vertical pattern?

Most of our designs can be applied either direction, so long as you consider the maximum width of the film, which is presently 36”. Certain floral patterns and abstract designs require a vertical installation. The product description will alert you if either horizontal or vertical installation applies.

How much film do I need?

Element Window Films come in standard 35.5” and 36” widths designed to fit most windows with minimal trimming and waste. Films are sold by the linear foot, and the minimum order is 4 feet. Remember, you are measuring the glass surface to be covered, not the full width and length of the window. Just determine the amount needed for each glass area, multiply by the number of windows, and order. Round up to the next foot, as film is only sold by the foot, not inches. If at any time you are unsure of the amount required, use the inquiry form on the Contact Us section to provide the dimensions, and we’ll be happy to assist. See the examples below for additional information on ordering the correct quantity.

Example 1. Standard Windows (living room, patio sliding glass doors, etc)

You want to place a privacy film on two windows facing the rear of the home on the lower level. Each window is 30” wide by 64” long. Actual glass area to be covered is approximately 28” wide by 30” long each for the top and bottom window glass areas. Calculate: The 36” width is adequate. You require 120 inches in length (60” actual glass length x two windows) or 10 feet. Add 8 inches for a 1-inch overlap top and bottom for the four window sections. Total required: 10 feet, 8 inches. Order: Round up. Order 11 feet of your chosen design.

Example 2. Nonstandard windows or individual window panes for doorways.

The entrance to your home has five small side window panes (6.5” w x 12” l) to each side of the door and four larger panes across the top; each measures 15” wide by 12” long. Our standard 36” film will cover two each of the top window panes with enough overlap. Because the side windows are individual window panes, you must measure the glass itself, and then allow Ύ to 1” at the edges for trimming for each.

Calculate: Top windows -- four panes x 15 inches (12” long plus overlap). Ordering two feet does not allow for overlap at the top and bottom. Since you are also covering side windows, order 3 feet for the top and use the extra for overlap on the side windows. Side windows – Each foot of film will cover five windows 6.5” wide with enough overlap in width. So you need 2 feet, plus overlap for each window to cover the 10 smaller windows. Round up to 3 feet. Note: because you will be trimming a total of 14 pieces of film, we recommend you add an additional foot of film for any cutting/measuring errors.

Order: 7 feet of your design (minimum). 8 feet recommended to allow for trimming errors with the side windows.

What if I want to use the film in a moist environment, such as a bathroom?

Static Cling films adhere to most porous surfaces, and are not overly affected by moisture. However, we strongly recommend installation on shower doors on the outside versus the inside of the glass door to minimize the effects of the additional moisture.

What about extra wide windows?

It is possible to butt film together (similar to hanging wallpaper) to cover larger or outsized windows. Be sure to consider the pattern design and account for overlap when ordering. If the glass area is wide but does not exceed 35” in height, you can apply many of our designs horizontally. Our sales staff can assist in determining how much extra film to order for a pattern match. Just contact us at info@elementwindowfilms.com.

If at any time you need assistance in choosing your designs, just send an email to info@elementwindowfilms.com. We’ll respond promptly, and we’re glad to assist.

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